Founded in 1926, the family owned  Kampmann & Schweuss company specializing in the manufacture of industry container, tools and racks is located in Dortmund, Germany. Since the late 1950s, the company has been committed to the development, manufacturing and service of power transmission systems. It has always been a leader in the European industry, providing reliable and efficient power transmission system solutions for industrial users around the world.

KPM drives are designed and manufactured in strict accordance to the DIN standard and are calculated, designed, simulated, analyzed and verified by the advanced software system (KISSSOFT & IMOS). Since entry into China, KPM has been in an absolute market position in the fields of engineering machinery, coal mining, shield tunneling, nuclear power, power plants and other heavy industries with its high-quality products and rapid response to the market. At present, with the progress of industrialization in China's economy, KPM gear motors have been widely used in e-commerce logistics, food and beverage, industrial automation, industrial fans, fans and pumps.

With the shift of the focus of the European industry chain to the Asia-Pacific region, KPM drives will increase investment in the Chinese market, and set up a 50,000-square-meter manufacturing base (Kampmann Anji) to produce and assemble various gear motors of the same quality as the German KPM gear motors according to German standards. Through product optimization, we ensure that the products are completely interchangeable with mainstream imported brands in terms of installation dimensions and interfaces. Through highly modular component assembly, processing and 100% real-time online inspection, we can ensure high supply in the face of Chinese users. At the same time as quality German products, the industry advantage of fast delivery.